The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs
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1999 25th St SE, Salem, OR 97302 • Phone (503) 551-4572

About JLAD

JLAD (The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising and training assistance dogs and placing them in positions of service. Our mission is to provide skilled, devoted companions to support and assist persons living with disabilities -- creating cohesive teams focused on building a life of greater freedom and independence.

Our service dogs are bred specifically for temperament and are trained by inmates in two of Oregon’s Correctional institutions as well as at the Oregon State Hospital. We are proud that our dogs do "triple duty," first by giving inmates a purpose and a means to "give back to the community" through the endless dedicated training they provide for JLAD. Secondly, our socializers benefit from working our dogs when they come out of prison on a two-week rotation. Socializers enjoy taking our trained dogs and incorporating them into their daily lives. And last but not least, our dogs are placed with recipients where they will change lives by providing the perfect combination of companionship, obedience, usefulness and affection. Persons with disabilities rely on these special animals to perform a multitude of tasks and provide practical aid. When an ideal match is made, the mobility and freedom the dogs' efforts afford, help provide a new and profound sense of independence to the owner, creating a pathway toward a safer and more empowering way of living.

Our therapy dogs are family pets that have been training with their owner, to go into a variety of venues: schools, nursing homes, hospice, and senior centers. A therapy dog's presence and availability to be pet by children, seniors, the hospitalized, etc, produces a calming response. This can lower anxiety, lower blood pressure, lower physical pain, improve cardiovascular health, and the list goes on.