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Puppy Naming

Puppy Naming Vote Complete

Our precious puppies from the W litter have their new names!
The winning names are displayed in bold below.

Puppy #1

Pup # 1 Female - I am known as Purple collar. I am laid back, love my person, and eager to learn. I like to play with my siblings, but it's not that long before I would rather lay on my person's feet.

Name Votes
Winter 28
Wanda 22
Whisper 44

Puppy #2

Pup # 2 Female - I am Red collar. I love to learn almost as much as I love play and wrestle. I can't wait to get out and learn about the world. They tell me I am going to go places and help someone. I can't wait to meet that special someone.

Name Votes
Wonder 15
Wind 10
Wilma 5

Puppy #3

Pup # 3 Female - My collar color is Lt Pink. I am thoughtful, gentle, and love to give kisses. I like staying close to my person. I heard that will be helpful when I get my special person. I want to learn all I can so I will be the best.

Name Votes
Winnie 50
Walnut 2
Whitney 2

Puppy #4

Pup # 4 Male - Black is my collar color. My handler tells me I know my stuff. I don't need to prove myself. I learn fast, and for some reason everyone wants to kiss me.

Name Votes
Winston 62
Watson 18
Wheeler 2

Puppy #5

Pup # 5 Male - I am a handsome blak lab, and my color white. I wear my JLAD coat with pride, I am ready to learn all I can. I know I can make it. I will be of great value; I know I can. I will help my person and be their side.

Name Votes
Wade 20
Wyatt 30
Walker 8