The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs
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Service Dogs

Mobility Assistance Dogs

dog opens door for wheelchair bound person

JLAD mobility assistance dogs perform countless tasks such as turning light on/off, pushing automatic door buttons, opening/closing doors, retrieving items, seeking help from another person, and more. We customize each dog's training and skillset to meet the individual needs of each recipient. For those recipients that use power or manual wheel chairs, the dog will gain the skillset to effectively accompany his or her matched recipient both in public and at home. Whether it's pushing door buttons or carrying an object, the dog is ready to assist and provide the recipient a greater sense of independence.

When appropriate, the matched assistance dog is conditioned to wear a harness that provides stability and momentum for the person needing balance support. JLAD ensures that dogs selected for balance work are of proper size and structure so they can work for their person, while maintaining their own health and integrity.
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Dogs

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a severe anxiety disorder caused by a traumatic event, or ongoing events, in a person’s life. PTSD can debilitate and greatly affect the quality of daily life through the extreme development of fearful feelings, confusion, the experience of severe anxiety, terrifying panic attacks triggered by reminders of the trauma, insomnia, fear of crowds, flashbacks, mood swings, depression, and anger.

Although most commonly associated with military combat or exposure, PTSD can also have manifested as a result of child sexual or physical abuse, sexual or physical assault, terrorist attacks, natural disasters such as fire, hurricanes, flood, earthquakes, or witnessing an accident or fatality, to name a few.

Dogs for PTSDOur PTSD service dogs are trained to perform a variety of tasks that can alleviate the symptoms of the disorder such as interrupt a behavior, create a barrier in a crowd, remove the handler out of a stressful situation, and get help. Our dogs are specifically trained to mitigate the handler’s situation. PTSD service dogs reduce anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, and many other things all while providing companionship.
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For Mobility and PTSD dogs, refer to these documents:

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Owner Trained Assistance Dogs

Our Owner Trained program is designed for a person who already owns a dog. The owner and dog, together as a team, are ready to start the training process towards certifying the dog for service work. Dogs must complete specific criteria to be certified as service dogs. Currently our Owner Trained classes are held Wednesday mornings from 10:00-11:00 am, at our facility in Salem, OR.

All Owner Trained dogs are trained in basic obedience commands, house manners, and appropriate behavior in public. Owner Trained dogs are also trained in technical skill such as retrieving, opening doors, turning lights on/off, balance assistance, social interactions, and PTSD. Specialty skills are trained on an individual basis. Owner Trained dogs are not trained for emotional support or for medical alert needs. Owner Trained dogs must also meet ADI (Assistance Dogs International) standards.

dog comforts man