The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs
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Make financial donation today!

Simply send your check or money order to
P.O. Box 12023
Salem, OR 97309

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JLAD seeks specific in-kind donations to support the care and training of our assistance dogs. Please contact us prior to making your donation.

We regularly seek the following items for both puppies and adult dogs:

  •  Premium Dog Food and Training Treats
  •  Bowls for food and water
  •  Beds (crates, mats/pads, pillows, and blankets)
  •  Collars and Leashes
  •  Chew Bones
  •  Toys (plush, squeeky, throw, and tug)
  •  Grooming tools and supplies for coat, ears, teeth, and nails)
Sponsor a dog like me today!

The most rewarding aspect of being a sponsor is knowing that you contributed to changing a life. Make that two lives. The life of a person . . . and the life of a dog. A sponsor is an individual or group who provides the financial resources necessary to furnish a person with disabilities with an assistance dog.

Without a sponsor, many people in need of an assistance dog will not have access to the quality of life that these amazing dogs provide.

To sponsor a new dog owner, please contact us.

Your financial contribution will help place me with a new dog owner!

All of our dogs receive a minimum of 18 months of training as well as lifetime remedial training.

During these 18 months, our puppies need food, collars/leashes, beds, veterinary care, toys, and more.

To sponsor a puppy dog, please contact us.