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Therapy Animals

A therapy dog is trained to provide comfort and affection to people in a facility setting. Unlike service dogs, they are not trained to provide a specific task for a person with special needs. On an individual approval basis, other animals such as bunnies and cats could also qualify.

Our classes are interactive, with a mixture of lecture and hands on training. This training is for both the human as well as their canine companion. Research has proven that interaction with pets can be both physically and emotionally beneficial; blood pressure can lower, depression can lessen, and children often perform better in school as well as on tests.

At the conclusion of the six-week training class we will match graduating therapy teams, according to the animal's temperament and preference, with local venues that have requested therapy service. We ask that graduating teams make a commitment to therapy service twice a month for one year.

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If you have questions about our therapy animals,
or wish to take the next step toward applying for a therapy animal,
please contact us.